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Hands free drinking solution prevents dehydration, solving the problem of reaching, lifting or holding drinks. This product has been used by cyclists for many years, to enable people to stay hydrated whilst travelling thus demonstrating how reliable, sturdy and flexible this product is. 

A low cost independent personal drinking system that ensures fluids are instantly accessible at all times.

  • Simple modern design is convenient and easy to use
  • Enables accurate monitoring of fluid intake
  • Can be hooked or clipped to beds, chairs, wheelchairs and most mobility equipment
  • Non return valve to prevent unwanted drips and spills
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Gives independence and ensures fluids are accessible at all times
  • Helps reduce dehydration and related health issues 

New iniatives are making a big difference to everyday lives of many people to enable them to continue living independently in their own homes.   We have a variety of smaller mobility aids to help make every day life a little bit easier. We have a range of grab bars, shower aids, flexi grips, mattress protectors and comfort shoes.


Easy and secure to fit,  these can be mounted on either a wheelchair or walker, the holder comes with a cup to ensure the base of the stick stays in place. They are easy to activate, to ensure a simple and secure method to remove and attach your stick. Available in three sizes to fit different diameter tubing on most designs. Weights 100g.  


An ever growing popular way of providing pain relief without medication. Contains Methol.

Quick relief for overworked muscles, achy backs or the discomfort of arthritis that affects millions of peole every day.

Biofreeze uses the cooling effect of mentol, a natural pain reliever,  to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. It penetrates quickly, offering relief through cold therapy.

(Please read all the instructions and guidelines on the product before use. If taking medication please seek advice from your GP)



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