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Mattress & Cushions

Bringing Mobility and Care Together

A Comprehensive range of bed matresses and care cushions are available, and we are happy to provide you with free advice to find the ideal product for your care needs and requirements.        Please call us on 01452 528561 for more details.

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Alerta Sensaflex 3000/4 Memory Foam 4ft Wide Bariatric Mattress, High Risk
Alerta Sensaflex 3000 Foam Mattress
Alerta Sensaflex 1000 Foam Mattress
Alerta Sensaflex 500 Foam Mattress
VAT Exempt £99.00
Alerta Sensaflex UND Foam Mattress
Alerta Partner Cushion Only
Alerta Mobile Cushion System
Alternating Cushion System, High Risk
Alerta Partner Cushion System
Cushion System, High Risk
Alerta Bariatric Replacement System
Mattress System, Very High Risk
Alerta Ruby Replacement System
Mattress System, Very High Risk
Alerta Sapphire Replacement System
Alternating Mattress System, High Risk
Alerta Bubble Overlay Pad
Mattress System
Alerta Budget Overlay System
Mattress System, Low to Medium Risk
Only £297.00
Alerta Emerald Overlay System
Mattress System, Medium to High Risk
Only £427.00
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